Instagram unfollow: who “unfollowed” me?

Instagram unfollow who unfollowed meOne of the ingredients for success in social media is networking with others. While this takes place symmetrically on Facebook thanks to friend requests, it is a bit different on Instagram: Here you don’t make friends, here you follow. The joy of getting a new follower is great in most cases. However, it is similarly disappointing when it is discovered that the number of followers has decreased. Then there is usually a big question in the room: Who “unfollowed” me?
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Instagram Unfollow – Find your own unfollowers

What a bummer, one more follower less! It can be pretty depressing to see your followers decrease. An Instagram unfollow not only creates drooping corners of the mouth, but also curiosity. Most of them want to know who the cowardly deserter was and go on a search.
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First of all: Going through your entire list of followers and hoping to find (or not find) the Instagram Unfollow is pretty unrealistic – especially when you have a vivid following around you.
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It makes much more sense, however, to use apps, tools and websites to find out who is no longer following you. A list of the most common helpers for Instagram Unfollow can be found here:

  • : If you want to use unfollowgram, you must first log in with your account and authenticate it. Then you can find out who is no longer following you or who, for example, is not “following” you. The application is free of charge and very easy to use.
  • The Instagram web viewer  ICONOSQARE also  shows in its statistics all profiles that no longer follow you.
  • Followers for Instagram: This is an app for iOS devices. Similar to unfollowgram, you can see who is following you, who no longer follows or who does not follow you back.
  • InstaFollow: This application is the Android equivalent of Followers for Instagram. The app is very diverse and therefore receives a recommendation.
  • : The great thing about this homepage is that you can use it not only for Instagram, but also for Twitter and Tumblr.

Instagram Unfollow – How can I “unfollow” an account?

If you yourself are of the opinion that your follow list needs to be cleaned up, you can of course unfollow profiles. An Instagram unfollow works like this:

  • Select the account that you no longer want to follow
  • Click on the green field “SUBSCRIBED”
  • Click on “Unfollow”

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As you can see, this is a fairly simple activity that does not require a great deal of prior knowledge.


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